All Stars 2 has officially been announced, and All Stars 3 has already begun filming. Spies, Lies, & Allies continues to be a great season, and I LOVE this format change. What a whirlwind!

126 responses this week tho 🤷🏼‍♂️ idgi

Player of the Week

Departure for All Stars 3 is this week yet they still haven’t officially announced All Stars 2. So here’s an article detailing the 24 alumni who filmed AS2.

Hopefully it reaches the heights of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, but the cast is nowhere near that caliber. …

Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving! And Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the States.

A banger episode AND 198 responses this week, tysm 😍

A large boost in responses/upvotes to the write-up this past week, and a slight uptick in responses to this survey. The latter is prolly my fault for posting it Friday night instead of Thursday am, but sorry not sorry. Thursday was the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in…

Production: go ahead and move the season at a glacial pace, you know how it thrills me. Episodes 6 and 7 could’ve and SHOULD’ve been one episode, or at least aired back-to-back. Everything altogether — all the fighting and the DQ and elimination and tears and resulting drama — would…

Hi again!

Last week’s ep was somewhat a letdown after the absolute banger week four was. However, I’m still loving this season and especially this random ragtag group of rookies. Being filmed in beautiful, sunny, temperate Croatia makes a big difference too! …

Hey y’all,

For those who follow along on reddit, this bitch was away in Europe (including Croatia) and therefore was not able to do a write-up for the PotW results for episode 1 OR do the surveys for eps 2 and 3. Mea culpa.

Shout-outs to people like Michele and…

At last, the season is over, it’s done. Double Agents seemed interminable, and Total Madness also dragged on. I’m really hoping they dispense with the skull twist for 37 because it really desiccates the season of any voting or game drama — which is the optimal drama imo 😪


It was only an hour-long episode, and it was only a small portion of the final — AND we didn’t even learn who didn’t make it to Day 2, as TJ teased in the beginning— but nonetheless, we still got 310 responses to this survey. Confusing but I’m not mad!

LOL who even cares about this anymore! Casting for szn 37 is POPPIN’ (relevant Cast Insights article here); apparently All Stars is outshining Double Agents at every turn; and I just found out that tomorrow is only the start of the final, which will continue next week. YAWN 🥱



I write about MTV’s The Challenge, with a queer / social justice / critical analysis bent. #UnspoiledGang

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