Battle Royale [2009] — The Challenge vs I Love Money vs Survivor vs Big Brother

Battle Royale

Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge

after The Ruins

Why these 10?

  • Wes-Kenny rivalry
  • CT-Diem romance and breakup
  • Coral-Trishelle rivalry (because of Miz-Trishelle relationship)
  • Wes-Evelyn alliance, Coral-Miz friendship
  • the Godfather of The Challenge (who just put up an impressive performance on Duel 2)
  • Peak chaotic CT
  • Huge reality TV stars in Veronica, Trishelle, Coral, and Miz

I Love Money

after I Love Money 2

Why these 10?

  • Tailor Made has rivalries with Buddha and Saaphyri
  • Saaphyri-Buckwild friendship
  • Hoopz-Whiteboy alliance
  • Winners and runners-up
  • Great physical competitors (Hoopz, 12 Pack, Buddha)
  • Huge personalities and icons (Megan, New York, Saaphyri)


after Heroes vs Villains

Why these 10?

  • Jerri-Colby rivalry
  • Ozzy-Amanda exes
  • Ethan-Jenna relationship
  • Amanda-Parvati alliance
  • Hugely popular characters in Stephenie, Rob, Parvati, Jerri, Colby

Big Brother

after Big Brother 11

Why these 10?

  • Janelle-Kaysar alliance
  • Dan-Keesha alliance
  • Jeff-Jordan relationship
  • The GOAT
  • Comp beasts, strategic threats, America’s favorites
  • Bona fide All-Stars

Who would’ve won?



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I write about MTV’s The Challenge, with a queer / social justice / critical analysis bent. #UnspoiledGang