Player of the Week Results — EP 10

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All Stars 2 has officially been announced, and All Stars 3 has already begun filming. Spies, Lies, & Allies continues to be a great season, and I LOVE this format change. What a whirlwind!

126 responses this week tho 🤷🏼‍♂️ idgi

Player of the Week

  1. Ashley — 85
  2. Priscilla — 15
  3. Devin — 9
  4. Amanda — 6
  5. Nelson — 3

Ashley got her first elimination win since season 34, War of the Worlds 2, where she ethered Nany in a puzzle. She then left early on Total Madness (thanks to the randomness of the elimination and Wes tutoring Dee) and on Double Agents TWICE (against fierce competition, however). Actually, come to think of it, Dee-Natalie A-Kam is a very unlucky string of opponents to face in elimination. Her fortune turned around this ep, though. Ash killed the elim with a great strategy (especially compared to Priscilla’s attempts) AND help from pretty much the whole house (except Bettina). In addition, she strengthened her bond with Amanda AND managed to get on the strongest team. So pleased Ashley has hung around for a while this season! 🥳

Priscilla had a hero’s send-off. All ep long we heard from her, and her single mom, and why she signed up to go on The Challenge, and what she’s fighting for. TJ was effusive towards her as well. She has a great accent and gorgeous complexion, and kudos to her for picking Ashley when there were many easier opponents up there, but… That’s it. She’s dull and I’m not keen to see her again. And her performance in this elim was laughable. She was gassed immediately! Sorry Pris. I’m sure you’ll be back, but I’m not excited about it.

Devin figured out a great strategy in the mission, got his team the W, and continues leading the politics. He’s also having a banner season.

Amanda talked to her adorable son, cried from missing him, and thereby endeared herself to the whole fanbase. I’ve been an Amanda stan since Invasion, so I’m glad y’all are finally seeing the light 😉 She also got on Sapphire, the only team to have a champ on it — and they have TWO. AND she cut a deal / bonded with Priscilla and was spared from elimination. Ugh, what a great episode for the Satan Sisters, it brings a tear to my eye 🥲

Nelson finished first in the first part of the mission — and could have broken his 30+ episode streak of losing every daily — buutttttt that’s not what happened. Poor guy. Good news is that he’s also on Sapphire and is well set-up politically in the house.

Best Political Game

  1. Devin — 45
  2. CT — 17
  3. Emanuel — 14
  4. Amanda — 12
  5. Ashley — 8

Devin led the politics discussion with his team as they were figuring out who to throw in. Ultimately, Emerald did the safe move, tossing in Priscilla instead of taking a shot at their actual target, Ashley. Who still went in thanks to Pris, so all’s well that ends well. Dev is a great political player and fully aware of the house dynamics. I see him continuing to make wise decisions as we move forward.

CT misted Big T into joining Ruby, instead of being sandbagged with her on his team (again). And he seems to have pulled this move without pissing her off at all, ugh, Dan Gheesling who??

Emanuel continues to fit in great with powerful vets like Kaycee, Josh, and Tori. He’s the only newbie on Emerald and will likely keep flying under the radar while performing well in every mission. Love that for him, although this seems more like social game than politics. Whatev.

Amanda had a heart-to-heart with Priscilla, where they bonded because Pris was raised by a single mom and therefore has a tonne of respect for Amanda. This is what saved her from being chosen for the Lair. THAT is great politicking.

Similarly, Ashley was in on this deal and was telling Amanda during the club night that she’d rather go into elim and have Amanda last another week. It seems like Ash is paying Amanda back for throwing her game away on Invasion AND on Final Reckoning for her — and not just with a $500 gift card! Good politics for both of them, as Priscilla came through on the deal, and the Satan Sisters are still both in the house! 🥰

Best Social Game

  1. Amanda — 31
  2. Devin — 19
  3. Nany — 16
  4. Ashley — 13
  5. Emy — 8

Same as above for Amanda. Ashley showed great social game by how everyone was cheering for her in the Lair, helping her repeat the order of the coloured tires. Obvi the house loves her. Emy gets votes here thanks to CT talking her up in confessionals and by how people were tickled by her speech in deliberation.

Then Nany and Devin continue having good friends and killer social game, which was only strengthened this episode because they didn’t get any blood on their hands despite needing to throw someone in. Good on them.

Best Edit

  1. Amanda — 60
  2. Priscilla — 27
  3. Ashley — 21
  4. Devin & Nelson — 3

Amanda got a phone call home with her son— was that the first one we’ve seen this season? I can’t remember another one, so plz remind me if there has been. Regardless, they are rare, so making sure this was included in the episode is a no-brainer indicator of a great edit. It’s helped along by both her and Ashley’s confessionals, talking about her being a single mom and nurse on the frontline and great friend etc. Just glowing all around. QUITE the different approach this time ‘round, since on her last season (War of the Worlds 1), the edit literally morphed Amanda into the Devil. Deeper voice, sideways head, and horns as she was arguing with Mr Plantains. All in good fun, but it is obvious they’re painting her in a different light this szn. Love it.

As said above, Priscilla had the most confessionals, talked about her home life and how important her mom is to her, and got shining send-off words from TJ. All season long, she got a golden edit. I am POSITIVE she’ll be on S38.

I’m just repeating myself here a lot, I guess 😝 Ashley had a triumphant win in the Lair and, more significantly, everyone cheering for her to come back. A remarkable difference from the week prior, in which she cried a lot (out of frustration and fear) and Cory was assassinating her character during deliberation. She cried this ep as well, but those were happy tears!

Nelson finished his task and got to pick his team first. He also offered his diamond up as a gift to the Challenge gods, which is wonderful. And then Devin got a good edit for masterminding the mission win for Emerald. Good job to both of them! I love the Invasion Generation 😍

Biggest Misplay

  1. Cory — 34
  2. Priscilla — 31
  3. Big T — 30
  4. Kyle — 15
  5. Emy — 6

Cory is on by far the weakest team but… What was his misplay? He talked his partners up and tried to get good team spirit in the club and deliberation. He made good points and is working to raise morale — that’s admirable. So how did he misplay? Is it just leftovers from last episode? Plz explain.

Priscilla flopped in that elimination. It wasn’t even close, and I do not understand one bit why she didn’t copy Ashley’s strategy when it became clear that kicking the sand was not helping her at all? So yeah, misplays there.

Big T got manipulated by CT and joined the MUCH weaker team (Ruby) when she could have been on the strongest one (Emerald). Yikes, girl, terrible move.

edit: OMFG I totally blanked on the other L she took this episode! Logan dropped Big T like a sack of potatoes, yet there was NO emotions from either of them. Go, Global Agents, give us nothing. SUPER cringe, the whole bit. Oedipus Rex as a foreplay? I think the f*ck NOT.

Kyle is being a spoilsport, wearing green to deliberation while the rest of his team wore red. I get that he’s jokey and fratty and silly (like Devin and Johnny and other fan faves), but he’s doing himself no favours. Cory was already upset with him from arguing the previous week, and now to have a sore loser / poor team player? I’d be pissed too!

His eyes did light up when TJ explained to Ashley that you could switch teams if you win the elimination — so I‘m guessing Kyle will take that risk in order to swap to Blue or Green, sooner rather than later. Is that a smart idea? I guess it depends on your opponent and the elimination game. But either way, I’m all for it. I’m Team #GoodTV and I’d love someone to grab the bull by the horns that way. So we’ll see! 🤞🏼

And then Emy was picking up the cinder blocks and throwing them to the ground to break them… Instead of using the sledgehammer? Girl, why. You were given those tools for a reason! 🤦🏼‍♂️

Back or Buh-Bye?

90% of y’all voted yes for Priscilla back next season — 117 vs 13 for no. I’m quite sure that’s the biggest landslide we’ve had so far this season 😳

I’m not surprised most people want her back, but I am shocked that it’s this many! Besides some good (but very repetitive) confessionals, what did she do this season? Without the talking heads, she’d have been as INV as Bettina until her elimination 😬 PLZ tell me what I’m missing. To me, she gave no entertainment or storylines or drama or showmances. A livewire she is not!

But I guess y’all love her, as do production + TJ, so we’ll catch her on the S38 cast list in early 2022! 👀


Love from Nova 🖤




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