Player of the Week Results — EP 15

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This is a day late because I was busy blogging about my actual life and travels yesterday! Sorry ‘bout it. And thanks to all of you, because we got 200+ responses last week! 🥳

Player of the Week

  1. Kyle — 103
  2. CT — 49
  3. Emy — 28
  4. Tori — 23
  5. Amanda — 7

Kyle massively messed up in the mission (the reason he got so many votes for Biggest Misplay too) but still came out on top. He was voted in by the house, got into an argument with his “bestie” CT (who actually is not his friend and continually throws him under the bus), and got called a snake by everyone left in the game — but he won the elimination (barely) and swapped back onto Sapphire to be with his frenemy CT. Is that the best option? CT-Kyle-Emy is pretty formidable, but numbers matter, and they’re the smallest team — 3 members versus Ruby’s 4 and Emerald’s 5. It’s a bold move, Cotton.

CT and Emy won the mission despite only having one player to run the women’s heats. Emy killed it and impressed during the daily. She stays surpassing my expectations, and it’s your loss if you hate her. Of course, no way would Sapphire have won if not for Kyle’s (and Tori’s) misplay by grabbing a stick of dynamite from them instead of Emerald. But good job on CT for immediately capitalizing upon that mistake and snagging the win. They also didn’t get any blood on their hands with the voting, as Kyle was persona non grata, and CT, despite being a massive target, continues flying under the radar. It really looks like he’s going to make the final AGAIN, breaking the record for most career finals (at 10, one ahead of Cara and Johnny), and possibly going for a fifth canon win 🤢 So bored.

Tori had a messy episode, just like Kyle, but both she and he were heavily featured and survived until next week (at least). So PotW votes make sense, but so do the misplay votes 😂

And amidst all the chaos, somehow Amanda shifted some of the target off her back. I still don’t think she’s long for the game 😢 but she did have a good ep this time. And she performed well in the mission, as well, despite being the smallest person left! 💪🏼

Best Political Game

  1. CT — 124
  2. Devin — 20
  3. Emanuel — 17
  4. Amanda — 14
  5. Kyle & Tori — 10

Chris went out of his way to embarrass Kyle and got no blood on his hands during voting. Good job.

Devin blew up at Kyle and especially Tori but still emerged looking pristine. It’s easy to have a scapegoat, I guess, but when will the other competitors wise up to how selfishly Dev is playing this season? Maybe never, because of his great social game (and people realizing he’s not a threat in the final, so why even bother trying to take him out before you get there?)

Emanuel avoided elimination again, but that’s not because of political game — but rather intimidation. If Kyle had chosen E-man for the Lair, it would’ve been silly and a ticket home. However, props to E because he also didn’t get voted into elimination, despite being the sole rookie who was eligible, and also someone who has not yet been down there! Superb playing so far.

Amanda didn’t really accomplish much this episode that we saw in the edit. It was a men’s elimination, so she wasn’t on the chopping block, and therefore there weren’t conversations about whether or not she’d go down. What’s more, she was vocally rooting for Josh in the elim, who went home — never a good look to be cheering against the person who comes back to the house.

And then Kyle and Tori, for best political game!? LOL good one. For worst political game maybe.

Best Social Game

  1. Emanuel — 48
  2. CT — 44
  3. Josh — 31
  4. Devin — 28
  5. Nelson — 18

CTRL-C, CTRL-V to what I said about Emanuel above.

CT showcased poor social game this episode, putting down and voting in someone who considered him a legitimate friend. Do I think it’ll come back to bite him? No, Kyle is like an abused pooch who will go back to his master because he doesn’t know any better, and CT has been pulling this move for years. But CT looked good to the rest of the house, turning Kyle into a scapegoat and voting in the easy target.

Josh had people cheering for him both in the mission and elimination. It’s blatantly clear that he has close friends in the house (Amanda, Kaycee, Nany, Devin at least), which is a product of his stellar social game. These votes make sense.

Like CT, Devin showed his ass this episode, burning one of his closest allies (Tori) and embarrassing her in front of the whole house. Like, why not have that conversation in private, instead of yelling at her when so many other people are there?! Sloppy. However, his friendship with Kyle meant that he avoided elimination (which he almost certainly would’ve lost). So good job for that.

And then Nelson wasn’t even an option for Kyle to choose as his opponent this episode. And why not? If Kyle is jumping ship to Sapphire anyway, why would he care if he left Ruby with one fewer guy? Not sure this is social game, however, but more recognition that Nelson is an elimination beast. However, Nelly seems to be getting on with everyone in the house even after his bestie (Cory) and other allies (e.g. Fessy, Priscilla, Ashley) left, so it’s great to remember that.

Best Edit

  1. Kyle — 64
  2. Tori — 41
  3. Josh — 42
  4. CT — 28
  5. Emanuel — 11

Kyle had like 20 confessionals and featured in every part of this episode. The editors still included the argument with CT (which was a damning look for Kyle) and everyone calling him snaky and untrustworthy in their talking heads. But regardless, he emerged as the victor and is still his goofy, lovable self, not letting everyone’s antipathy towards him get him down. So it’s definitely not the best edit — so much negativity — but it was a LARGE edit, so I understand the votes here. CPN.

Tori got dunked on by Devin not once but TWICE in this episode, cried after it, and then spat out, “You think I want to run a final with Nelson and Big T?!” right in front of sweet Nelly. With that said, we also saw how much of a team player she is, at the start of the episode, sitting down with Ruby, donning a red cape, and hyping up her new teammates. So, again, not a glowing edit, but still pretty good. CPM.

The edit made sure to portray Josh in a positive light, during the mission, elimination, and send-off from TJ. Amanda looked devastated when Kyle picked him for the Lair; various people were cheering him on; and TJ said that he’s sure we’ll see him in the future. For someone that pretty much the entire fanbase is constantly shitting on… This is significant.

CT won the mission, argued with Kyle, and is a fan fave. Okay, good edit

Emanuel didn’t accomplish much this episode that I remember. No standout moments during the mission, no funny confessionals or goofy scenes. But Kyle talked him up while explaining his rationale for choosing Josh, so I suppose that counts. More positive SPV, as Rake (u/rakejicci) always used to point out!

Biggest Misplay

  1. Kyle — 122
  2. Josh — 33
  3. Devin — 32
  4. Tori — 17
  5. Amanda — 5

Obvious choice here. What I haven’t yet mentioned is how poorly Kyle did in the elimination. Kyle is taller, leaner, and more athletic than Josh, and has more experience (and success) in elimination rounds. But he barely beat Josh in something that he should’ve excelled at. So in addition to him and Tori messing up during the mission, he also didn’t look good in the elim. He would’ve been toast against Logan, Nelson, CT, Emanuel, and maybe even Devin (because I expect Dev would have a better strategy in the Lair).

Josh lost the elimination (barely), but beyond that, didn’t really misplay. The odds are, in any Josh vs Kyle elim, Kyle will be the victor — so it’s not like Josh shockingly lost. I’m actually surprised by how well he kept up with Kyle and at how multiple people talked up his endurance, on the episode and aftershow!

Devin screamed at Tori because she wouldn’t roll over and let his team win. Just like he lambasted Amanda for the same thing, the week before. Embarrassing. He’s become so entitled, no me gusta.

Tori instructed Kyle to go for Sapphire’s dynamite and therefore also went back on the deal. She got bitched out for it multiple times, and cried after the altercation with Devin, and is still on Ruby, so yeah, not the greatest Vicky week.

And then Amanda??? Did nothing wrong this episode? And performed well in the mission? So step off, haters 🤣

Back or Buh-Bye?

I’m actually shocked at this. The way that the MTVChallenge subreddit talks about him, I expected every single person to say no to Josh on S38. But sixty of y’all voted for yes to him next season! Still, a strong majority (157 votes) opted for no, but I’m still gonna count this as a win for Joshy.

I personally would like him (and most others who have been on the past 2+ seasons) to take a break, but we must recognize that this is the best Josh season to date. He was in shape, won multiple missions, had strong allies, got into entertaining drama, and came across as likable. Glad the tides are finally turning to acknowledge what he brings to the table for The Challenge. Nonstop drama, consistent storylines, and backing it up in the competition (outside of eliminations, of course). So when he’s back, I hope y’all remember that 😈

Catch ya next week!

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