Player of the Week Results — EP 16

7 min readNov 30, 2021


Aloha. Poor engagement this week. But that’s k. I’m still loving the season and excited to see what happens next!

Player of the Week

  1. Emy — 45
  2. Tori — 24
  3. Amanda — 14
  4. Nelson — 11
  5. Devin — 3

Emy won her FOURTH DAMN ELIMINATION, joining the elite ranks of people who have won more than 3 on a single season: Sarah Greyson, Derrick Kosinski, Wes, Casey, Laurel, and Leroy. And that’s IT. You better recognize.

Sure, she might not have had the toughest opponents — but Laurel went against Jasmine in Balls In and Broken-Handed Cara in Wrecking Wall on Free Agents, and nobody faulted her for it. The Ws count. And Emy was even more impressive this ep, because the elim game did not favour her, but rather her opponent Big T. But she STILL stomped it. Love her, and I really hope this was the last women’s elimination, so she and Amanda make the final!

Tori & Nelson nearly won the mission despite having fewer people and the weakest woman left, Big T. Tori also escaped going into elimination — and she might have lost this one. Girl crumples under pressure and chokes at puzzles, so I wouldn’t give her the odds in this ice-bath-3D-puzzle game. She dodged a bullet there.

Nelly lost his 50th consecutive mission but still performed well in it. Hopefully Ruby can pull it out sometime soon. He also HILARIOUSLY embarrassed Devin during deliberation, rightfully calling him out for his lack of cardio.

Amanda finally got credit for being a capable competitor in the missions, receiving positive second-person visibility from numerous teammates and helping her cell get yet another W. She also showed no signs of quitting during the grueling mission in 100 degree temps, despite Devin, who acts like he’s the shit but literally is the worst man left… And might have been bottom 3 all season, along with people like Hughie, Renan, and maybe Josh... But Joshy wouldn’t have gassed out during the mission at all. Oop.

Best Political Game

  1. Tori — 71
  2. Devin — 12
  3. Amanda — 7
  4. Big T — 6
  5. Emy — 2

Tori avoided elimination by saying during deliberation that, if they vote her in, she’ll pick Big T. So Big T is going in regardless, and asking to be voted in, so why would they piss off a player when an easy route is right there? Great points she made, and she missed out on the Lair yet again! And Big T got her wish to be the one the Agency chose, so she could pick her own opponent.

What did Devin do this week besides nearly die in the mission? Exactly.

Emy went back to Sapphire instead of rocking the boat by infiltrating Emerald, which I’d say was a good political play. However, she argued with her #1 Emanuel after deliberation, which is not fab. They’ve known each other a while, though, so I’m sure he’s used to that and it actually wasn’t a big deal.

Struggling to remember what Amanda did politically this ep. She was safe from winning the mission (and helping her team do exactly that), so what politics really came into play? idk.

Best Social Game

  1. Tori — 55
  2. Nany — 14
  3. Emy — 7
  4. Kyle — 6
  5. Amanda — 5

Tori avoided being voted in because of what she said in deliberation but also because of her strong relationships with both Devin and Emanuel. Good on her. Nany continues being well-liked in the house. It was clear that everyone wanted Emy back instead of Big T, because legit the entire house was cheering for her in elimination, and nobody was helping Tula. Quite the fall for Big T, who dominated the social/political game board throughout Double Agents. Alas.

And then Kyle and Amanda got votes too, but I don’t know why. I guess Kyle didn’t sabotage Sapphire, like CT suspected he would, which is a good social move? And Amanda proved her worth in the Million Dollar Heist, so maybe people want to keep her around now? Not sure.

Best Edit

  1. Big T — 28
  2. Tori — 25
  3. Emy — 17
  4. Amanda — 15
  5. Nelson — 6

Big T got quite the sendoff. She was a massive fan favourite on Double Agents and Total Madness, so I’m not surprised they edited her that way. She spent all episode talking about wanting to go into elimination, to prove herself and show everyone that she deserves to be there. I guess she felt guilty for losing the elim against Amanda but remaining in the house and wanted to shake that storm cloud from her shoulders. Well, she tried, I guess.

She’s posted multiple times on social media that she’s retiring from The Challenge, because she got into culinary school (and maybe because she realizes she’ll never be a real contender for the W), so at least she went out on a positive (edit) note. Might see ya in the future, Tula.

Tori performed well in the mission, made incisive points during deliberation, looked like the good one in her multiple tense talks with Devin, and survived the ep. Good episode.

Emy won yet again, cementing her case for Rookie of the Year, and had the entire house cheering for her. Of course, I’m sure her arguing with Emanuel and screaming/crying after winning the elim rubbed some people the wrong way but… That’s to be expected. The best cast members are polarizing.

And then Amanda and Nelson also did great during Million Dollar Heist and survived the episode. They didn’t really do much else during it, but you can’t say the edit wasn’t positive. Particularly for Amanda, who finally is getting props for her abilities.

Biggest Misplay

  1. Big T — 47
  2. Devin — 38
  3. CT — 4
  4. Emanuel, Emy, Logan, & Nelson — 3

Big T lost an elimination that was suited to her strengths, but I can’t say I’m surprised. She did well in the mission (besides jumping in the Sapphire car for like 20 seconds) and didn’t flop in the Lair, so I wouldn’t say she misplayed. It’s just — she hit her ceiling. She’ll never been a top tier competitor, and that’s fine. She contributes other things to the show.

Devin looked like trash during the mission. When you regularly shit talk the “weak girls” of the game, like Nany or Amanda, and they outperform you in a basic run… Not a good look. He also came across as a petulant, stubborn douche in the conversations with Tori, when all she wanted was an apology. And he refused to give it to her, because it would “water down” his other apologies. Like… 🙄🙄 Pack it in, bro.

CT got votes for misplay!? OMG where are his stans though? I wouldn’t say he misplayed this ep, however. Sapph had the fewest people and couldn’t take turns with the duffel bags, like Em and Rube could. So I’m sure he, Emy, and Kyle did the best they could. Low-key, though, for someone who reputably is so head-and-shoulders above every other man this season, why couldn’t CT have done better this mission? He and Kyle are both strong competitors with good cardio, and Emy is no slouch, so why weren’t they closer to emptying out their safe…? 🤔 Did they throw it?

And then it seems like throwaway votes for Em, Em, Logue, and Nelly, so I won’t entertain that — particularly the first two, who won things this ep.

Back or Buh-Bye?

Big T went from being the first woman eliminated on War of the Worlds 2 to a surprising comeback on Total Madness (and an early medical DQ) to being the breakout star of Double Agents and making it deep on SL+A. The most surprising comeback run on The Challenge since Rachel Moyal, I’d say. Possibly Rogan, but it was clear from the beginning that he had what it takes to succeed on the show. Can’t say the same for Rachel M or Tula.

But she’s been on four straight seasons and has been exposed for being a middling competitor. I am totally ready for her to take a break — which she will be doing, thanks to cooking school. And most of y’all agree with me: 33 votes yes, 70 votes no.

You had a nice handful of seasons, Big T. Hold your head high and focus on your new career. I’m ready for some other underdeveloped rookies to seize the spotlight. Where’s Gabby, Amber M, Morgan W, Angela, and Morgan at??




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