Player of the Week Results — EP 17

6 min readDec 7, 2021


Yo. Thanks to the 199 beautiful people who voted this week 🥰

And get excited because the final starts TOMORROW!

Player of the Week

  1. CT — 178
  2. Emanuel — 9
  3. Amanda — 3
  4. Logan — 2
  5. Devin, Kyle, Nany, Nelson, & Tori — 1

Well you know how much I’m gonna enjoy writing this report this week…. 🤦🏼‍♂️

CT was the only option for Player of the Week. He single-handedly won the mission for his team, putting on a clinic there and earning a coveted “You killed it” from TJ. We also saw him call home and talk to his wife and kid. He discussed how he’s competed in many finals over the years but has never won back-to-back seasons, so that’s something he’d like to add to his list of Challenge accomplishments. Again, I’m unspoiled, but does this seem to anyone like a dead giveaway? Why would they include it, if it didn’t happen? UGH I hate it 🙄

Emanuel looked flawless in his very first elimination.

Logan also got a “You killed it” during the Dead Drop mission, but then tripped during the elimination and seemingly gave up. He didn’t even try to get up and flip his switch once he fell. For someone who talked all the time about being a wolf and/or lion… He went out like a bitch. Hope to see you never.

None of the other people who got votes really deserved them this week. Kaycee did, for being the only woman to successfully retrieve a pipe. Actually, Devin performed amazingly during the mission as well — I didn’t think he had it in him. AND he avoided the Lair and survived the episode. So votes for him are fine. Amanda, Kyle, Nany, Nelson, and Tori though? Naahhhh.

Best Political Game

  1. Devin — 104
  2. CT — 32
  3. Emanuel — 20
  4. Nelson — 15
  5. Emy — 10

Devin avoided being called into the Lair despite being the easiest opponent, because Logan likes him and has looked out for him before. I’m certain that Logue had no idea what the elimination game actually was, since it could’ve easily been a puzzle. And if that’s the case, you don’t call Devin down — even if his puzzling prowess is middling at best.

Nelson also made it through without entering the Lair because of a deal he made with Logan. Emanuel managed to not be the house vote because of his relationship and alliance with Emy, who did him a solid. Howeverrrrr…. He really looked like a clueless bump on a log during deliberation, not making a peep to protect himself. He better be rubbing Emy’s feet because he did nothing to keep himself safe this episode.

CT lectured people during nominations but seemingly pissed nobody off, and then voted in someone who went home, meaning he got no blood on his hands. And now the final starts tomorrow! How did CT go all season without getting tossed into elimination? Idiots.

Best Social Game

  1. Devin — 55
  2. Emanuel — 53
  3. Nelson — 28
  4. CT — 27
  5. Nany — 10

Same reasons for Dev, Eman, Nelly, and Chris. And Nany is renowned for her social game. Next.

Best Edit

  1. CT — 144
  2. Emanuel — 22
  3. Amanda — 7
  4. Tori — 6
  5. Devin — 5

CTRL-C, CTRL-V from above CT.

Emanuel received positive second-person visibility for, like, the seventeenth episode in a row. We also got to see him talk about how important it is for him to compete and win, to help his mom move back to Romania and get the family back together. This is the first personal content we got for Emanuel, and it was both golden and adorable. I’m confident he makes the final.

Amanda jumped off the rig and swam around instead of climbing back up the ladder immediately because her team told her to. But still had TJ talking shit about her, when Nany did the same thing — and nary a peep from Teej. Annoying. And not a good edit at all.

Tori’s, however, was positive. In the same convo with Eman from above, we heard her talk about how she’s ready to step into the champion role, and how important getting that W is for her. She also had a great pep talk with the rest of Ruby during the dinner date. A winner’s quote is great for edgic, and Tori has been SUCH a main character all season, but I’m confused how she and CT could win together. I guess we’ll find out if that happens in 8 days — and how it might happen tomorrow, after the twist and Night of Eliminations!

Really, really hope Emy, Amanda, and Emanuel can survive and make their first finals! 🤞🏼 (And the second for Nelson and Devin; third for Kaycee, Nany, Kyle, and Tori; and tenth for CT, or twelfth if counting spin-offs)

And then Devin beasted the mission when nobody expected him to. Logan and Emanuel are much better athletes than him but couldn’t get it done — and Devin looked like a juggernaut up there. Good job on him. Apparently he has some surprises locked away under his doughy exterior!

Biggest Misplay

  1. Logan — 149
  2. Amanda — 21
  3. Emanuel — 9
  4. Devin & Kyle — 3

Logan quit in the Lair. He wasn’t gonna win, but to go out with such a whimper is a terrible look. At least he did well in the mission.

Amanda couldn’t complete the course and apparently struggled to climb the rope ladder… But then later on, we saw her get back up to the platform, so all the shit-talk from TJ was unnecessary. But the edit included it and y’all lapped it up while ignoring Nany. So that’s why there’s votes here.

Emanuel got 9 votes for misplay? Why? Because of the silence during deliberation? Maybe because he went back to Emerald, but it’s not like TJ gave him a choice. If he got to pick, I’d hope he would’ve taken Kyle’s spot on Sapphire, to run the final with CT and his Romanian sister Emy. But this twist is fucking everything up (again), so… I can’t think of anything besides those two. Which don’t really matter “at the end of the day,” because he avoided being voted in AND had to go back to Em regardless.

Then Devin and Kyle… Both survived the episode. Devin killed the mission. Kyle didn’t, but still was on the winning team. So these votes don’t make sense either.

Back or Buh-Bye?

3 of you think y’all are comedians, huh?

127 voted for yes, Logan back on season 38. He obviously is a great athlete, and lots of people found him the hottest cast member there (not I), but… He’s so monotone and boring. I personally hope he’s a one-and-done. We don’t need another Kaycee/Joss. Great competitor who will make it to the endgame but who provides literally zero entertainment value. Glad 68 of y’all agree with me on this 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Catch ya on the flip.




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