Player of the Week Results — EP 18

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The end is nigh! Tomorrow Spies Lies & Allies finishes (at long last), and season 38 will start filming in the new year. So between those two things, hope you enjoy All Stars 2 and All Stars 3 (which has already filmed).

Player of the Week

  1. Tori — 60
  2. Devin — 41
  3. CT — 37
  4. Nelson — 10
  5. Amanda — 8

Tori dominated her elimination, giving us a Challenge moment reminiscent of the Bananas Backpack. She then has set a blistering pace in the final so far, outperforming all the women and most of the men. Is this finally her time to shine? 👀 Guess we’ll found out — but yeah, she’s looking FIERCE. Let’s hope a puzzle doesn’t purge her out of the game this time! (She deserved a W on WotW2, more so than Rogan, Dee, and CT, but anygay…)

Devin also won his elim, but not in an impressive fashion at all. In fact, he and Emanuel (who is not known for puzzles) were down to the wire, and it could’ve gone either way. Dev really choked on the first puzzle — but then got into gear in the second and third ones. But in the final, he is looking strong as well. Not nearly as fast or without as much endurance as CT or Nelson, but he will excel in the checkpoints. Maybe this is ALSO his time!

CT is always gonna get votes when he’s in the game. However, this week they are deserved. He reached both the first puzzle and the helicopter before anyone. If you can beat Nelly in a footrace… That’s impressive. And if he didn’t dissemble his solved puzzle (which was MASSIVELY EASY, can we all talk about that??), then Nany and Kaycee might still be there working on it.

Chris is the only champ in the final, and this is his 10th (or 12th counting Champs vs spin-offs) career final, so obviously he is the favourite to win. Everyone else has experience in a final besides Emy, however — so it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of it shakes out. And what other, unnecessary, convoluted and unfair twist they throw at us before the game is done.

Nelson finally made it to the final again. He easily could have on Dirty 30, Vendettas, AND Final Reckoning, but a DQ, unannounced Purge, and other Purge hosed him from that. Oh, and he was en route there on Total Madness as well, before jumping on the grenade for Cory. I’m glad he managed it at long last, and we can see how much it means to him. The dude has SPEED and heart! So excited to see what else he brings to the table tomorrow.

And then Amanda… Got votes? When she picked the wrong opponent out of pettiness and was literally carried, like a fanny pack? Okay. I love Amanda more than pretty much anyone, and I am psyched she was on this season and made it so far (and annoyed she got screwed out of another final because of a stupid Bloodbath), but… She didn’t deserve PotW at all. Not sorry.

Best Political Game

  1. CT — 62
  2. Nany — 23
  3. Devin — 27
  4. Emy — 16
  5. Kyle — 12

I don’t even know what to make of this. Good job to Nany for avoiding being called into elimination, because Amanda hated Tori more. And kudos to Emy for not being voted in. Same with CT and Kyle, I guess. But for the rest of them… What?? Did they do that was political this episode?

All that I saw was Tori played abysmally, arguing with Nelson AND Devin AND cutting her friend’s throat to help her boo thang get back in the house. That’s poor gameplay on her part, absolutely, but it also doesn’t speak highly to Devin’s politics. So…?

And despite how it was a done deal anyway, Nelly refused to vote in Amanda, which I think is a good political move long term. He proved he’s loyal to her (and others), and while it pissed Tori off in the interim — LOL she’s angry with lots of people! So it’ll all come out in the wash.

Best Social Game

  1. Nany — 84
  2. CT — 21
  3. Emy — 20
  4. Devin — 16
  5. Nelson — 7

Pretty much copy-paste from above. Nany avoided elim despite being the least fearsome opponent available. CT and Emy also escaped The Lair. Devin had everyone except Tori helping and cheering for him during the elimination. And Nelson demonstrated how much of a real one he is by refusing to vote in Amanda.

Best Edit

  1. Devin — 34
  2. Tori — 33
  3. Amanda — 30
  4. Nelson — 29
  5. CT — 25

Oooohhh this is a close one! All of Devin, Tori, Nelson, and CT are looking spectacular in this final, and besides Nelly, are on the stronger cell that will likely not be subject to the elimination twist. I can’t remember all the details, but surely most of them got inspirational confessionals talking about how much it means to them to make the final and how significant a win would be. And then CT said, “I might screw around and go back-to-back” 🙄

Honestly so over him, the hit-you-over-the-head-with-it obvious edit, and what seems like an inevitability. Hope this means that, if he wins, he retires. Give someone else some time in the sun.

Anywaaayyyyyy. Amanda got a goddamn hero’s send-off. She talked a lot about her child and what being a single mom is, and how grateful she is to be on the show and fighting to win, to show what single parents are capable of. She cried, she got positive swelling music, and TJ pretty much beatified her with his goodbye words. A golden, glowing edit.

Biggest Misplay

  1. Amanda — 92
  2. Tori — 31
  3. Emanuel — 24
  4. Kaycee — 7
  5. Nany — 2

Amanda chose the wrong opponent in the Lair. Literally, Tori is not weaker than Nany in any one aspect that can be tested in an elimination. Social game, yes, but that doesn’t really help you in the Lair. It was an idiotic move to pick Tori, but props where it’s due, Amanda DID try.

Tori was cheering for both Devin and Emanuel, but once Eman took the lead, she gave him advice on how to solve the second puzzle, drawing the ire from Devin, Nelson, CT, and Kyle at least. Really not a good look — but will it make a difference for her chances of winning the season? I don’t think.

Emanuel lost the elimination, but just barely, against someone who professes to be a puzzle savant. So did he misplay? No, he did as well as he could with the cards he was dealt. I’m sure he assumed the Lair game would be the same one the women did (as I did), so he chose the least athletic guy left. Just turns out it was a puzzle elimination. That’s the luck of the draw, I guess! Kyle, CT, and Nelson would not have been easy opponents at all in rugby elim. Good on you, Eman, and can’t wait to see you next season.

And then Kaycee and Nany have begun the final in an embarrassing way, failing to solve a puzzle even when they are copying from the answer key. There’s still time to catch up, as both of them have great endurance — better than Devin, for sure — I just hope Kaycee’s broken toe doesn’t hold her back too much! Time will tell ⏳

Back or Buh-Bye?

Both pretty much are 2/3 votes for yes to back on Season 38 and 1/3 for no. What surprises me is that more people want Amanda back than Emanuel. For the bulk of her Challenge career, Amanda has been hated by the fanbase — and now for her to have a shining send-off AND people wanting her back? Ugh, you love to see it.

Emanuel, on the other hand, has been a stunning competitor with funny confessionals, little drama, and a goofy, likable vibe. I am genuinely surprised there are 55 of you who don’t want him back next season! Why not, if I may ask? He’s young, fit, entertaining, and not shy to showmance. Checks so many boxes for what you should be looking for in a Challenger! So please enlighten.

And the votes. Emanuel — 106 yes, 55 no. Amanda — 122 yes, 39 no.


Enjoy the second part of the final! 🖤




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