Player of the Week Results — EP 8

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A large boost in responses/upvotes to the write-up this past week, and a slight uptick in responses to this survey. The latter is prolly my fault for posting it Friday night instead of Thursday am, but sorry not sorry. Thursday was the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada, so I had more important things to consider. #EveryChildMatters

How are people feeling about this season? I think the 2 weeks with 1 hour episodes focusing only on Big Brother drama really killed the momentum. So now I’m feeling a big MEH.

It doesn’t help that we keep losing all the biggest personalities either, and we are stuck with sleepers like Bettina, Priscilla, Jeremiah, Big T, and Nany — and people who have been on like 3 seasons in a row (Cory Nelson Ashley CT Kaycee Josh Tori Kyle…) 🥱

Oh well. With the Veteran Truce finally over, and a muddy rugby-like mission this week, it should start getting GOOD. *rubs hands together behind a tree*

Player of the Week

  1. Priscilla — 77
  2. CT — 10
  3. Amber — 6
  4. Hughie — 4
  5. Emy, Josh, & Berna — 2

Serious question: was Priscilla even on this season before this episode? If she weren’t given MANY confessionals, always repeating “the Vet’ran alliance is crumblin’” in her cut-glass accent — she literally would have been INV INV INV ad nauseam.

At least she showed up this episode, winning the elimination and infiltrating a veteran-veteran team, guaranteeing there was no rookie-rookie pair to be the scapegoat next ep and thereby inciting the Veteran War. But wasn’t it the obvious move? And did she look THAT good in the elim? No, not at all.

Hughie and his Brazilian Bum Lift meant that he struggled mASSively to get up the pole… Yet he and Berna caught up to Pris & Jeremiah and were sawing their rope at the same time. So I’m glad Priscilla finally showed us something besides a great British accent and glowing skin, but with that said — it wasn’t much.

CT & Emy won the mission — apparently they do work together well. CT was the main reason for this, given his prowess at puzzles. Emy also succeeded this ep because she got Berna, a frenemy, into elim and back on the plane home. Good for her.

Hughie & Berna performed great in the mission, figured out the puzzle 2 seconds after the winners of their heat, and put up an admirable showing in the Lair. If Hughie hadn’t gotten butt implants, they could’ve each been 2–0 in elims. Alas, that didn’t happen, but they both left a GREAT impression. Really hope to see them next season. #TeamBerna #AmberIsAnnoying

Speaking of #AnnoyingAmber, just like Emy, she got her enemy out of the game. Except she talked about going down into the Lair to do the job herself, and then chickened out, just like Paulie refused to back up his bravado on War of the Worlds 1. Whomp whomp.

I’m glad she’s bringing personality this season, but I still don’t like her. Contrary to all the stans I see on reddit, downvoting everything I say… Don’t get it.

Anyway, who did I forget? Oh, Josh. He and Ashley won their heat of Dive Bomb, thanks to her. And was stolen by Priscilla. I guess that’s it. Next.

Best Political Game

  1. Priscilla — 39
  2. CT — 24
  3. Devin — 11
  4. Emy — 8
  5. Amber — 5

Like aforementioned, Pris infiltrated a vet-vet pair in Ashley/Josh and stole the weakest man left as her partner. I mean, Kyle/Amanda were right there… Anyway.

Jeremiah took Tori, a better choice, but he is getting like NO credit in this survey. Maybe because Priscilla chose first? IDGI either. Whatever.

CT & Emy won the mission and sent two newbies into the Lair. Great political game? I guess?

Devin (almost) always has good politics, so he’ll always be featuring in this category and the next.

And then Amber is still annoying everyone in the house (as Amanda talked about in a confessional this episode, and Berna and Esther commented on last time), boasting about going into elimination herself, b*tching out, getting in fights, and… Need I go on? Terrible politics. But at least Berna is gone, her main enemy, so it might be a bit smoother sailing for her.

Best Social Game

  1. Bettina — 14
  2. Emanuel & CT — 13

4) Priscilla — 12

5) Devin — 10

We actually saw something from Bettina this ep, and I’m like, who?

Jplay, I really like her and am happy we are finally seeing more of her. Apparently she does have great social game, as various friendships of hers were spotlighted this episode. She also avoided being sent into the Lair AGAIN. I’m sensing her time is coming, but kudos to her for staying safe this long despite being Lilliputian and likely an easy opponent to beat.

Now that Jeremiah went into the Lair, Emanuel is the only rookie man who has not been into elimination — with Bettina being the only rookie woman. In addition, he is a massive threat, as we’ve seen in all the missions, but is still somehow flying under the radar. We MIGHT’VE seen him compete in the Lair this week, but his #1 bestie Emy won the mission and kept him safe. He’s also protected by his partner Kaycee, queen of the social game. Still, just like Betty, my gut says we’ll see him down there before long.

CT & Devin are well-liked by the house (and the viewers) so that’s their votes. Priscilla gets along with people too, just like Bettina, as we saw in some clips this ep. But her pissing off Ashley (another social game queen) and sparking the Veteran War will NOT endear herself to other players, so… Good social game? I think not.

He didn’t make Top 5, but Ed stays killing it in terms of likability. Love him.

Best Edit

  1. Priscilla — 75
  2. Emy — 7
  3. CT — 6
  4. Amber, Berna, & Jeremiah — 3

I’ve written enough about all these people so far. Refer to above.

I will add that Emy is #1 in confessionals for people left in the game (tied with Tori and Devin) and Priscilla only has one fewer. (Berna is currently #1 with 40, then Hughie and Esther in second with 37 apiece). Production is pushing them, and you love to see it. I hope it picks up for people like Emanuel and Ed soon, because I adore both of them too!

Biggest Misplay

  1. Ashley — 48
  2. Berna — 20
  3. Amber — 17
  4. Tori — 10
  5. Hughie — 6

I’m sure Pris would’ve been clever enough to figure it out herself, but both Ashley and Tori spilled the beans that if she chose a veteran-veteran pair to infiltrate, there’d be no more rookie-rookie sacrificial lambs. Why Ash got more votes is because Priscilla was offended by her comments and therefore elected to target her partnership with Josh — and throw in some shady comments in front of everyone to boot.

However, I think Ashley is failing up, because now she has Ed as a partner, who’s already won an elimination AND mission. What has Josh done again?

Berna lost the mission and the elim, but just barely for both. She feuded with Emy AND Amber during deliberation and then went home. I don’t think these were misplays — she was gonna get voted in regardless, as the strongest new girl left — and I’m glad she left with a bang. She had the weakest man as her partner in a game that disadvantaged him, and she STILL put up a great fight. Love her and can’t wait to see her on 38 (and hopefully more in the future).

Repeat all that for Hughie, except he is not the strongest new girl, but rather the opposite. Regardless, he brings entertainment in SPADES and punches above his weight competitively. Looking forward to more appearances from Mr Messy.

And then there’s #AnnoyingAmber who is not endearing herself to ANYONE in the house but somehow getting eaten up by pretty much the entire fanbase. She had petty fights with numerous people, even getting into it with Nelson and Ashley (not good enemies to have), and punked out of the elimination.

OMG is she the new Paulie?! Polarizing character from Big Brother who brings the drama AND competition but cowers when actually presented with an opportunity they bragged about? Just maybe. And I love Paulie. HMMMM.

Whatever. I’m glad she made it on this season, because I don’t think Lauren would’ve brought so much chaos. I appreciate Amber offers to the show, but I still don’t like her. So sue me.

Back or Buh-Bye?

Y’all really hate young hot athletic women who fight and win competitions and get into showmances, eh? Berna only 67 votes for yes to next season, and 40 votes no. Like someone on reddit said, I hope you enjoy Mature Nany and Out of Shape Aneesa and Cringy Tori and Wallpaper Kaycee for the fourth straight season, if you so hate newbies like Esther, Berna, and Emy.

Pleasantly surprised that the majority wants Hughie back on 38. 77 votes yes, 30 votes no. Colour me shocked, but I am in AGREEMENT.

And that’s that. Eat it up, bitches.

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