Player of the Week Results — EP 9

Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving! And Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the States.

A banger episode AND 198 responses this week, tysm 😍

Also I just learned that Departure Day for All Stars 3 is THIS WEEK?!? wtf? They’re really filming a third season before they even announce the second one? I mean, good for you for the confidence… Just seems a bit hasty.

What did y’all think of the players this past episode?

Player of the Week

  1. Bettina — 70
  2. Logan — 49
  3. Cory — 17
  4. Ashley & Nany — 16

Bettina’s breakout episode, just like Priscilla the week before & Gabo a couple weeks prior. She was seen as the weakest player left, arguably even all season (but Tracy may have actually held that title) — but she found the winning strategy for the elim, solved the puzzle with ease, and showed no gassing out during her time in the Lair — unlike Champion Amber. You go, girl.

She also showcased good game awareness this episode, knowing she and Cory could not stay together, and great social connections the one prior. She’s coming into her own, and I am so proud! 💪🏼 I so wish she and Cory could’ve infiltrated a team, because Bettina/CT and Cory/Kaycee would have been fun to see, along with whom was left in this partner steal: Emy/Emanuel. Alas. Hopefully this twist makes up for it. People are speculating a format change to 3 teams of 6, and if that’s the case — I’m about it. Can’t wait to see how it shakes out!

Logan won the mission after making it to the final round (props to him and Nany for making it to the end) and then cutting a deal with Nelson. Great gameplay! He and Nan also got no blood on their hands this ep, because the people they sent into elimination went home — so nobody is coming back for revenge. AND Nany successfully got out a massive threat to her in the final while creating a new ally in Priscilla. Stellar.

Ashley knew she was on the chopping block, as a previous champ, and flexed her politics to avoid getting thrown into the Lair. The votes weren’t even close:

12 vs 6. You best recognize how lethal Ashley can be.

And then there’s Cory. I don’t agree with his 17 votes. He was caught working with the rookies in the mission, being found out as a snake. He argued with Josh, who is a powerful politician who plays with his emotions — not somebody you want to upset. THEN Cory tried to get one of his strongest allies voted in, throwing low blow after low blow, and failed miserably. Thank goodness for his partner, who found a better strategy in the elim and handled the puzzle without any of Cory’s help. Without Bettina, Cory’d be toast.

But now maybe he’s gonna make his third straight final, along with Kaycee 👀

Best Political Game

  1. Ashley — 84
  2. Logan — 38
  3. Devin — 21
  4. Nany — 15
  5. Josh — 13

As I just said… Ashley killed it this ep. She recognized she was the house target and successfully talked herself out of that sticky situation. She raised salient points, took responsibility for her actions (i.e. not sharing the money with Hunter), spit facts, and embarrassed Cory and Nelson when they tried to drag her. I LOVED to see it. The Invasion Gen brought the HEAT this week 😍

Logan made an on-the-fly deal with Nelson and kept his word. His partner Nany also agreed to protect Priscilla and came through with that. Both made allies this ep while keeping their hands clean.

Devin wanted to get a [female] champion out and helped make that happen by stirring the pot deliberation. And Josh had a fight with Cory during the mission, called him out for throwing the ball to Jeremiah, and successfully got Cory voted into the Lair.

Lesson: don’t f*ck with people who have proven themselves to win shows by being political threats. E.g. Ashley, Josh, Kaycee, and CT. AKA everyone but Amber 🤣🤣 It WILL come back to bite you.

Best Social Game

  1. Nany — 53
  2. Devin — 33
  3. Ashley — 24
  4. Josh — 17
  5. Ed — 15

I’ve already explained why Nany got so many votes here. Ed stays hilarious and I’m happy he’s not getting targeted [again/yet] to go into elimination, despite proving to be a competent player. Devin always has people laughing, and he seems to have a strong alliance. Obvious vote-earner here.

And then the political prowess I mentioned above, from Josh and Ashley, is underpinned by being a ball of fun and life of the party. They don’t get along with everyone — as we saw this ep — but the friends they DO have love them to death, as we also saw referenced this episode, e.g. Amanda throwing herself in for Ashley during Final Reckoning.

Best Edit

  1. Bettina — 53
  2. Cory — 23
  3. Logan — 21
  4. amBer — 19
  5. Ashley — 18

Betty got all the credit for winning the elimination, and rightfully so. I’m glad this was her coming out party — so appropriate after National Coming Out Day yesterday! 🏳‍🌈

Cory looked good in the elim… And that’s it. The edit actually really shat all over him, so I don’t know what 23 of you were thinking, sorry ‘bout it.

Logan won the mission, Ashley won the deliberation, and both looked great doing it. Stan them.

And then there’s Amber… Who lost and looked weak/gassed af during the elimination and also wasted time during it by kissing Jeremiah. The edit paid her no kindnesses either, so once again, I don’t understand her votes here. Fill me in on what I’m missing.

Biggest Misplay

  1. Cory — 141
  2. Nelson — 14
  3. Ashley — 13
  4. amBer — 12
  5. Josh — 7

Okay now we’re talking. Cory stupidly threw the ball to Jeremiah and was caught red-handed. He tried to take Ashley down but ended up with egg on his face. Lots of misplays, and I’m not gonna be surprised if people start looking at him sideways in the game. You in danger, girl.

Nelson popped off at Amanda, one of his closest friends in the house, and for what? What did it accomplish? Nothing but pissing her off, and she’s not a good enemy to have. Girl, you in danger.

Oh, maybe the votes for Nelly are because he took the deal with Logan instead of trying to win the mission? It was blatantly clear he had nothing left in the tank in the mud pit, so it was actually smart to agree with Logan and stay safe, instead of attempting to get the W and failing. And I know, I am eager for Scuba Nelly to break his mission loss streak as well, but you gotta focus on surviving ’til the next day instead of the bigger picture. Don’t make the same mistake that Derek X did now.

Ashley didn’t misplay at all. The house knows she isn’t the most trustworthy and has a huge target on her back. But she navigated that minefield beautifully. Same with Josh, who everyone knows is erratic, but they were on his side of the feud with Cory. So again, not a misplay.

And then there’s amBer, who lost the mission and elim, and looked like a true rookie during the latter. Of course it’s easy to say she misplayed because she lost, but she proved to be lethal in finals, so obviously her opponents will try to get her out of the game before she can flex that skillset again. She did her best, was ahead during most of the elimination, but took the L. And that’s fine.

Back or Buh-Bye?

172 yes for amBer, only 25 no. And I am SHOCKED about this. But I will agree that she came into SL+A as a completely different person. Instead of being a boring background player, beautiful wallpaper, she brought it in every single aspect. Showmance, fighting, drama, good confessionals, an elimination win, and performing well in multiple missions. Amber is nowhere near as bad as I thought she was when she popped up on the castlist for Double Agents.

I am HERE for Messy Amber and would also like to see her back next season. Plus, we need many more good competitors with polarizing personalities these days, and much less boring, steadfast crutches like Nany and Aneesa. So bring her on.

As for Jeremiah, only 77 would like him back, versus 117 votes for no. I will say I think he has a great deal more spunk than we saw — like in his celebration with Priscilla after winning last week — but from what the edit included, Jerry was pretty much a snooze. And only won the elim because of Hughie’s disASSter 🍑 He is young, beautiful, and athletic, but he didn’t make much of a mark. I won’t cry if he’s back, but would much rather see newbies like Ed / Emanuel / CorEy / Hughie / Kelz / Gabo.


That’s it. Thanks y’all.




I write about MTV’s The Challenge, with a queer / social justice / critical analysis bent. #UnspoiledGang

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I write about MTV’s The Challenge, with a queer / social justice / critical analysis bent. #UnspoiledGang