The Challenge What Season Should You Watch (WSSYW), crowd-sourced

  • Some of people’s favourite seasons — like Rivals 1 or Exes 2 — are even better if you know the history and relationships that develop in prior seasons — so they might not be the best first season for a new viewer.
  • Conversely, seasons that are not the absolute best but introduce multiple legendary competitors — such as Fresh Meat 1 or War of the Worlds 1 — might rank higher because of the significance of their rookie class.
  • Similarly, the start of seasons-long storylines and relationships also factor in to this ranking. While The Island is perennially bottom-barrel, it sets up several story arcs that are impactful and relevant for the next swath of seasons, like Kenny vs Wes, Johanna vs Wes, and Evelyn vs Paula. So it is important to watch, even if it’s not the most fun.

What Season Should You Watch?

Top Tier

  1. Free Agents — 160 points based on upvotes/downvotes

High Tier

Mid Tier

Low Tier

Bottom Tier

A Superfan’s Perspective

SLA as the worst ever is TOTAL recency bias. Same with Total Madness as third worst. Like them or not, the TM rookies have made a big impact on the game — Fessy and Kaycee foremost, but also Jay and Bayleigh. SLA introduced a surfeit of exciting and strong new players that will likely cause some damage in the future — such as Kelz, Emy, Ed, Michaela, Corey L, and Michele. Double Agents is also too low here.



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