The Potential for a Battle of the Exes 3 is MASSIVE

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 1 and 2 are some of the most popular and adored seasons ever. Both had great casting, beloved characters, a competitive playing field, unpredictable endings, and big moments that are still talked about today (e.g. the first appearance of the Camilanator; Sarah throwing Johnny into the last elimination).

It’s high MF time that MTV has a Battle of the Ex3s, and actually give viewers a trilogy they want — and not some shoehorned, retconned situation like Final Reckoning.

The 35th season of The Challenge has already filmed and is expected to premiere in late February or early March. So for a hypothetical Challenge 36 — here are some LIT pairs of exes and current couples they should / could / probably will cast.

And fret not, there’s precedent— Dustin/Heather and Abram/Cara were dating when they were cast on Exes 1 — so don’t whine about Paura.

No spoilers for Season 35, because #UnspoiledGang, but undoubtedly some hot new hookups will transpire, thereby changing this cast. One of these has already made the news, unfortunately — so tread carefully when on Challenge forums. If you want a spoiler-safe place to chat about everything The Challenge, check out the modded subreddit.

The Challenge 36: Love & War

Nigh Guarantees

Paulie Calafiore & Cara Maria Sorbello

Jordan Wiseley & Tori Deal

Zach Nichols & Jenna Compono

Stephen Bear & Georgia Harrison

Rogan O’Connor & Dee Nguyen

Kam Williams & Leroy Garrett —or Theo Campbell



Haleigh Broucher & Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat — contacted for WotW1

Bayleigh Dalton & Chris “Swaggy” Williams

Nelson Thomas & Angela Babicz

Morgan Willett & Johnny “Bananas” Devananzio

or Morgan & Jay Starrett and Johnny & Natalie Negrotti

Ashley Mitchell & Kyle Christie — or Tony Raines

Devin Walker & Marie Roda — Dev was an alternate for Season 35

Cory Wharton & Aneesa Ferreira — or Kailah Casillas

Jeremiah Buoni & Mattie Lynn Breaux OR

Gus Smyrnios & Nilsa Prowant (Floribama Shore)


Long Shots

Laurel Stucky & Nicole Zanatta

Wes Bergmann & Kellyanne Judd

Nany Gonzalez & Hunter Barfield — or Cohutta Grindstaff

Ashley Cain & Melissa Reeves — or Zahida Allen

Brad Fiorenza & Tori Hall — or Britni Thornton

Coral Smith & Abram Boise

CT Tamburello & Mandi Moyer


Possible Debuts

Diandra Delgado & Malcolm Drummer (AYTO6) — almost cast on FR

Kenya Scott & Tevin Grant (AYTO7)

Justin Palm & Max Gentile (AYTO8)

Alyssa Giacone (& Tony)

Dylan Moore (& Kailah) — flown to location as an alternate for Invasion

Mikey P (& Kailah)

Ika Wong & Demetres Giannitsos (Big Brother Canada 5)

Kaela Grant & Derek Kesseler (Big Brother Canada 6)

Taylor Stocker & Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (Survivor MvGX)

Cole Medders & Jessica Johnston (Survivor HvHvH)

Clint Wright & Tovah Marx (Real World Atlanta)

Theo King-Bradley & Tyara Hooks (Real World Bad Blood)

Who ya got?

  • Who makes the cast? Who doesn’t?
  • Who did I miss?
  • And who wins it all?

I write about MTV’s The Challenge, with a queer / social justice / critical analysis bent. #UnspoiledGang